IssueVoter App

6 weeks, Interface Design I, 2019

IssueVoter is a platform that helps people learn about upcoming bills with nonpartisan information so constituents can more easily communicate with their representatives. We were tasked to adapt the model of the website into a mobile application. 

I had two other teammates working on this project, and we each had a bit of a hand around elements such as branding, page design, animation, and the deliverables. Of the final deliverables, I was primarily responsible for the video above, which demonstrates three task flows for IssueVoter users; 1) Read about and send your opinion on a bill, 2) View your scorecard and past bills, and 3) Learn more about your representative. 

More information and elements of this project coming soon. Our IssueVoter app was created with Sketch and Principle and video elements were created using Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and After Effects.