Cinematic Poem

1 week, Motion Design, 2018

This video was created to accompany Barking by Jim Harrison and shot on a ferry roundtrip between Seattle and Bainbridge Island. 

I enjoy street photography and was newer to video so I approached it in similar fashion; I set up a shot and waited until the right person or shape passed through. Initially I chose to shoot there because of the aging that is beautifully apparent throughout each ferry and the freedom I feel from being on the outside deck with the crisp air. Visually, I focused on the movement of shadows to represent the themes of passage of time and aging so prevalent in Barking. I timed my shoot through sunset to clearly be able to illustrate aging by editing somewhat chronologically as the sun set. The blues and crisp whites also focused the melancholy feeling of the poem. 

For audio I used a recording from the album Poetic License: 100 Poems - 100 Performers.