Book Cover

3 weeks, Design Fundamentals, 2017

A dynamic book cover to represent the themes of Miguel Sicart’s Play Matters, an academic and persuasive but approachable book about play in design fields and everyday life.

For this project I utilized my own photography to create word as image with the dominoes, which represent the book’s topics of humanistic and destructive play. I happened to already have the colorful dominoes which I offset with the dark background to continue the academic tone that Sicart uses in his writing.


I had a wide variety of directions I explored that I worked on simultaneously with the progression of the domino concept. These were a few rough versions of my initial directions:


Playing with Food

8-Bit Bomb

Although these were all interesting for the book, I continued working on the domino and food concepts. 


These images and process designs show selections from my iteration process going forward with the domino and food play concepts, exploring different type styles and legibility. I ended up having a difficult time choosing between the two directions, but ultimately chose the dominoes because I felt the metaphor made more sense for the book and the final version was more polished.